SANDRA DEE RICHARDSON Actor-Producer-Business Professional
SANDRA DEE RICHARDSONActor-Producer-Business Professional 

                                  35 AWARDS - Actor, Director, Producer

Best Cast

Best Lead Actress

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Sandra Dee is a professional, Award-winning American actress, producer, director, consultant, teacher, and published author. This website exhibits the depth of her work in all areas. Sandra's work has earned her over 45 lifetime awards. 


Sandra Dee is an American actress, producer, writer, and director. She earned her degree in Business Communications with an emphasis on marketing and minored in theater. Ms. Dee has worked professionally since 1984. Her training was gained from the South Coast Repertory, Actor's Studio, Robert Conrad Studios, and several other film/acting academies.  Sandra's credits encompass lead and supporting roles in commercials, film, theater, and television, and producing and directing nine award-winning films. 

Outside of acting, Sandra has hosted her own talk show on Hertube.TV owns a consulting business where she helps small businesses and entertainers grow to profitability.  She also serves on a board of a nonprofit.  


When not on stage or in front of the camera, Sandra teaches acting and marketing classes, writes books and screenplays, and hosts a talk show on HertubeTV. 

Movie Memorabilia     -     The Many Faces of Sandra Dee                                                                                  A melting pot of theatrical works working with "Keanu Reeves," "Dwayne Rock Johnson," "Michael Fassbender," "Kate Winslet," "Seth Rogen," "Danny Glover," and more.

Sandra's prospective on Acting

"It's always nice to hear people say, "Sandra Dee, you did a great job!" I'm really glad that my fans love my work, but the truth is that performing is something I love to do for both myself and others.  Many people believe that acting is easy and fun, but acting is not as easy as many great talented and gifted actors make it seem. It takes skill to know how to say the words in a convincing manner on cue to invoke a response from your inner person and from your fellow actors.  I love the challenge in finding the moments that matter. The moments that make the scene work just right.  I find that even in serious scenes I invoke a smile, a chuckle or a feeling from the viewer that is totally unexpected. I do that because I find a little bit of myself in each character that I play and I intertwine both the person on the page with my own unique personality to develop and live within the character.  When I touch emotions of the viewer, I know I've done my job. 


  • Professional Actor trained in theater, commercials, film, print, voiceover, tv & radio hosting

  • Casting and award-winning production and directing services


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