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 Sandra Dee RichardsonPublic Figure - Actor


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Acting Bio

Sandra Dee is an American actress, producer, writer, and director born Sandra Dee Crump in a small southwest town in Michigan called Dowagiac. Sandra earned her degree in Business Communication with an emphasis on marketing and minored in theater. Better known to her family and friends as “Sandy,” she discovered a keen interest in the performing arts at the innocent age of four. As a child, Sandra's favorite thing to do was to sing and dance throughout the house. She took advantage of any mirror or window in her pathway to perfect her performances for family and friends. She has one older sister, Kathy, two younger sisters, Anita and Belinda, one brother James and two half-sisters Melodia and Loreluna, and one half-brother, Jonas. Her parents are Jonas and Lou Ann Crump. She has two sons, Craig and Brandon, and two step-children Rachael and Julian.


Sandra’s school and church performances gained attention to her talent in several Michigan cities. It was there that she developed a passion for the stage.  When she was 24 years old, she moved to Los Angeles where she pursued a modeling and acting career while working in the federal government. Acting became her second job hours, during holidays and weekends.   


While living in Los Angeles, Sandra discovered an interest in performance dance and began training at the Debbie Reynolds dance studio where she learned jazz and other dance forms. She tested her skills while dancing with Don Cornelious' infamous Soul Train and various dance troops around Los Angeles. Leaving her dance career, Sandra began modeling in Beverly Hills for couture designers at various prestigious shows. She began training in acting classes and spent over seven years in various training schools. The two most notable schools were Robert Conrad Studios and South Coast Repertory.


After registering for extra work, Sandra landed numerous film and theatrical roles. She later landed commercials, small roles in television, and main characters in theater. These performances not only gave her valuable experience but also a source of great pride knowing that she was making a difference in the lives of young people like herself. Sandra dedicated her skill to television and theater.


Sandra's training was a precursor for the start of her professional acting career. Sandra has worked professionally since 1984. Sandra's theatrical performances gained the respect and praise from various media such as the LA Times, Orange County Register, and The Daily Pilot.


Her acting training was gained from private coaches and five acting training centers including the Robert Conrad Studios in Burbank California and the South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa California. Her talent and determination have allowed her to be involved in various genres of entertainment from comedy to drama landing roles in film, commercials, theater, and television.

Sandra's talent and determination have propelled her to the lead actress rank with starring roles in recent films Nine Lives (2015), Jesus, The Desire of Ages (2013), Never Alone (2014), and We Promised (2015). She can also be seen in feature films such as San Andreas, Forest of Eden, Quitters, Confidential Informant, Tahoori and Fight Back, Milleniaz, Hood Damnation, Pushing Dead, Running Wild, Meeting Mama, and several others.


In television, Sandra is a very familiar cast member on the Wives With Knives and Murder In the First series.  She has recently landed the role of Detective Markowicz in the new crime thriller, Rellik, directed by Tim Russ.


She can be seen in various commercials and magazines where her print modeling is still very prominent.  The sky is no limit for this star that has incredible range, intense concentration, and a steely determination to be involved with projects that challenge her professionally with wide-ranging subject matters and characters. 


Sandra holds the record for being the first Actress to play an African American President of the United States in her 2014 film, Forest of Eden, scheduled for release in fall 2015.


When not on stage or in front of the camera, Sandra is teaching acting, writing books and screenplays, producing and directing films, and hosting her own talk show, Ready? Action! on  HerTube.TV To learn more about Sandra, visit Sandra Dee’s page.


Hosting Bio

Sandra Dee Host's Training Videos for Federal Bureau of Prisons

Sandra Dee Hosts "Heaven is Home" documentary by Golden Eagle Films 

Sandra Dee Hosts "Ready Action" talk show

Guest: Hollywood Producer, Willie Kutner



Host of Sandra Dee hosts Ready? Action!


Sandra began hosting her own talk show called READY? ACTION! on HerTube.TV and ROKU in February 2014. Her show focuses on helping anyone interested in Acting and provides vital information about the business of acting.  Topics covered:



Episode 1: How to Become an Actor

Episode 2: Overcoming Road blocks

Episode 3: Acting as a Hobby or Career

Episode 4: Why You Are Good for the Acting

Episode 5: 10 Steps to Becoming the Actor You Want to Be

Episode 6: Industry Analyst

Episode 7: Customer Analyst

Episode 8: Competition Analyst

Episode 9: Marketing Plan

Episode 10: Management Team

Episode 11: An Actor's Financial Plan

Episode 12: An Actor's Financial Statement

Episode 14: The Actor's Cash Flow Statement

Episode 15: The Executive Summary to An Actor's Business Plan

Episode 16: The Audition Process (Part 1)

Episode 17: The Audition Process (Part 2)

Episode 18: An Interview with Hollywood Film Producer Willie Kutner              



Learn how to take logical steps to become an actor!

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