SANDRA DEE RICHARDSON Actor-Producer-Business Professional
SANDRA DEE RICHARDSONActor-Producer-Business Professional 


Sandra Dee began hosting in 1986 when she hosted her own radio show on KCME Radio in Simi Valley, California.


Throughout the 1990's, Sandra expanded her experience to hosting talent shows and variety shows in Northern and Southern California and Nevada.


In February 2014, Sandra Dee began hosting her own talk show on HerTube.TV and ROKU and has gained over 78,000 veiwers in just a few months. The show, Ready? Action! teaches the business of acting and how to take logical steps to become an actor! 

Corporate Videos Host

Sandra Dee Host's Training Videos for Federal Bureau of Prisons

Documentary Videos Host

Sandra Dee Hosts "Heaven is Home" documentary by Golden Eagle Films

Radio/TV Talk Show Host


Sandra Dee Interviews Hollywood Producer, Willie Kutner on "Ready Action" talk show.


Host of Sandra Dee hosts Ready? Action!


Sandra began hosting her own talk show called READY? ACTION! on HerTube.TV and ROKU in February 2014. Her show focuses on helping anyone interested in Acting and current actors with vital information about the busess. 




  • Episode 1: How to Become an Actor
  • This video describes the basics of becoming an actor.
  • Episode 2: Overcoming Roadblocks
  • This show describes some roadblocks actors (especially female actors) experience during their careers. Life coach Kathy Ivens tells us how to respond to roadblocks positively.
  • Episode 3: Acting as a Hobby or Career
  • This show helps to clarify when acting is a hobby or a career.
  • Episode 4: Why You Are Good for the Acting
  • This episode helps to eliminate the rumors that you have to be perfect to be an actor. It also gives tips on where and how you can be cast into commercials, industrials, and film.
  • Episode 5: 10 Steps to Becoming the Actor You Want to Be
  • This episode is the first of a series that provide ten key elements you must know and develop to start and movie along with success in your quest to become an actor. The first step discusses a combination of Creating a business plan and the other is creating a mission or career plan.
  • Episode 6: Industry Analyst
  • This episode helps the actor to understand how to conduct Industry Analysis and apply the principles to their career plan.
  • Episode 7: Customer Analyst
  • This episode helps the actor understand how to Gain, Retain and Maintain their customers as they conduct a Customer Analysis.
  • Episode 8: Competition Analyst
  • This video helps the actor understand more about competition analysis and how an actor should focus more on being the best they can be for the project's success. 
  • Episode 9: Marketing Plan
  • This episode lays out how an Actor can apply a marketing plan to his/her career goals and provides many tools to help get you there.
  • Episode 10: Management Team
  • This video describes the management team every actor should have to catapult their career.
  • Episode 11: An Actor's Financial Plan
  • This video describes what should be included in an actor's financial plan.
  • Episode 12: The Actor's Income Statement
  • Actors: Are you preparing your taxes? Learn why actors need to know about the Income Statement.
  • Episode 13: The Actor's Cash Flow Statement
  • Episode 14: The Actor's Balance Sheet
  • This video helps the working actor understand more about financial statements.  The cash flow statement is the overall summary of incoming & outgoing monies and future projections.
  • Episode 15: The Executive Summary
  • Episode 16: The Audition
  • This episode covers what you must consider when looking for acting jobs and attending auditions.  the information can be used by new or experienced actors.
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